Things that are barrier in fat burning process

Excess body fat or weight is not only a problem for aesthetical reasons but it is a serious health concern as well and it is always helpful to realize this thing as early as possible.

However, sometimes even you have realized in time but you are totally helpless in resolving this issue due to certain things that are being obstacle in the way of weight and fat burning.

In this very article, my team and I have tried to cover a few of them to give you awareness as well as guide you better. So, let’s start!

  1. Processed food is a Big No-No:

To speed up weight loss process and eventually fat loss, stop taking processed food once and for all. They are simply jam packed with garbage and literally some of them have fallen in the category of “junk food” for a reason. They are actually nothing but a junk.

This is a very blunt way to tell you this but trust us, they cause you just harm no benefit at all since they have everything that is harmful for your body and health whether you talk about preservatives, artificial ingredients, unhealthy collection of fats or artificial colors that they use.

They may taste better but they are nothing but a form of slow poisoning.

Do remember, cutting all these junk or processed items from your diet and life is the very first step of your goal of losing fat.

  1. Proper Diet is a Big Yes!

Second step toward your victory will be having a proper diet with proper intervals; it means meals in every two to three hours rather over indulging just 2 or 3 times a day. Your four to six meals are not supposed to be complete set of courses just an apple/ a glass of milk/ just a few bites of food are more than enough to provide your body energy for consumption.

Do remember, if your body does not get food very frequently it will slow down its metabolic process and the metabolic rate is directly proportional to the fat burning and weight loss mechanism. Your body requires adequate amount of food for sustaining other important functions of your body.

A non proper diet is going to just simply disturb complete system of your body. It is true that it seems a simple math that as soon as you cut down your food, you will lose weight but reality it does not happen this way.

When your body hits starvation mode, you will initially experience weight lose but unfortunately that weight loss is the loss of muscles that is definitely not an ideal thing because if you have muscles in your body then they actually aid in burning fat but if there are no muscles then how your fat burning process will  take place?

Think wisely and start taking proper diet.

  1. Hormonal imbalance:

People who have problem in their weight loss are more likely to have imbalance hormonal issues as well. Not definitely but the chances are high for these imbalance hormones that are briefly described below.

  1. High cortisol:

If you are the one who have faced enough problems in losing that stubborn belly fat despite trying every possible thing then my friend, high cortisol is the real culprit. It is the most common hormone as it has major role to play in your other hormonal performance like thyroid & testosterone in males, where as thyroid & estrogen in females and this hormone is the by-product of chronic stress. HyperGh 14x

To overcome, change your responses toward stress, go for deep breaths and meditation when you feel stress.

  1. Low estrogen:

Low estrogen means a severe impact on appetite as it triggers your hunger.

Best ways to deal with low levels of estrogen are regular exercise, add flax seeds in your diet as a part of your breakfast in smoothies or porridge or go for supplement of magnesium.

  • Low Thyroid:

High cortisol is capable of slowing down your thyroid but there are a few more things that can actually slow down your thyroid such as vitamin D deficiency, sensitivity of gluten etc. Main symptoms of Low thyroid are depression, tiredness, brain fog etc.

The good way to overcome thyroid low levels is to avoid stress as much as possible. Remove endocrine disruptors from your home and dietary food; they are normally a part of your canned food items, often water plastic bottles and mattresses etc.

  1. Insulin Resistance:

Insulin is responsible for storing fat. If for a longer time of period, you carry on indulging heavy quantity of carbohydrates , processed food on a regular basis then there will be a time when the muscles and fat stop taking indications/ signals from pancreas’ secretion of insulin that is also known as “insulin resistance”. Basically, liver and muscles have a limited storage capacity for glucose.

Do not let that happen, control your food intake before it gets out of control and you are bound to certain measures and God forbid if you are already a sufferer then consult with your doctor as per the seriousness of your case.

  1. Low levels of Testosterone:

Low testosterone levels are not very ideal. They will slow down metabolic rate, have bad impacts on libido.

To sustain the apt levels manually, cut down sugar intake, avoid alcohol, reduce stress, get rid of low levels of vitamin D, do exercise and lose weight.

  1. If you are not using Capsiplex:

Capsiplex sport is highly effective supplement in the supplement industry of weight loss and fat loss. People who are not using Capsiplex for their weight loss program they are missing these benefits:

  1. Improved metabolic rate
  2. Boosted thermogenic properties
  • Increased levels of energy
  1. Natural solution of your fat reduction journey
  2. Decreased body fat
  3. Enhanced weight loss process
  • No unpleasant side effects because it is 100% natural

You need to avoid or in the case of Capsiplex Sport adopt and you will be all set to possess a ideal body with required weight and suitable fat ratio!


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